Wellness INFO


The purpose of the nervous system is to control and coordinate the function of every system, organ, tissue and cell in the body; to maintain a 100% state of health and well being. The nervous system is also responsible for sending messages to and from your brain, keeping communication open between the brain and every cell within your body.

A misalignment of one or more spinal vertebrae (a subluxation) can interfere with this communication and thus cause ‘disease,’ or lack of health, preventing your body and its systems (digestive, immune, respiratory, etc.) from performing at their highest potential. Since every level of the spine supplies nerves to different systems and organs, having your nervous system checked regularly can not only alleviate problems, but can prevent them!

Chiropractic is the science of locating interferences and correcting them to help allow the body to heal itself, in most cases, without the use of medications. This is accomplished by an adjustment which is a specific force in a precise direction to help normalize spinal function. Every patient is special and each adjustment is carefully administered with regard for the individual. Your individualized treatment is complemented with education about nutrition and appropriate healing exercises. A Complete, Personal, Health Care System.